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Construction of Knowledge-Spreading System
—the City of Libraries

The public library service system with Dongguan Library being the central library is comprised of 36 branch libraries and 102 mobile book service centers, and has been primarily established throughout the city. The self-invented “Net Management Platform of Regional Library Cluster” has been given the culture innovation prize at the second culture innovation evaluation held by the Ministry of Culture PRC. In China Dongguan initially developed the library ATM (book self-service station) system that can extend to every corner of the city and initially tried to ensure that bookshelves, newspapers, magazines and computers would be available to every family. It also opened up the public to the information found in books, newspapers, magazines as well as music and video products. Frequent lectures of various themes like the annual “Dongguan Reading Festival,” the periodically-held “Dongguan Study Forum”, the “Song Lake Salon” in Songshan Lake, the “Lectures for Women” in Chang’an, the “Humen Forum” in Humen and a series of city resident lectures including “Lectures for Public Good”, “Lessons for Workers from Outside”, and “Lessons for Public Good” have become the public platform for Dongguan to spread knowledge and for the residents to acquire knowledge.

Dongguan Library

Dalang Library