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Because of the construction of three kinds of culture cities, "the city of libraries,” "the city of museums" and “the city of culture squares,” the cultural life of Dongguan’s people is colorful and reflected by daily balls, weekly parties, monthly games and numerous lectures and exhibitions.
Construction of Knowledge-Spreading System—the City of Libraries

The public library service system with Dongguan Library being the central library is comprised of 36 branch libraries and 102 mobile book service centers, and has been primarily established throughout the city. The ... [ full info >> ]

Inheritance of Humanistic Spirit
—the City of Museums

Dongguan is trying to construct four kinds of museums- museums of the historical resources category, the supporting industry category, the folk collection category and the leisure consumption category. According to the ... [ full info >> ]

Extension of Art Activities
—the City of Square Culture

Dongguan city has the highest density of cultural squares in China. There are 447 culture squares in the city now and they are very important places for resident’s cultural and leisure activities. Due to the construction mode... [ full info >> ]

Cultural Weekend

Cultural Weekend is held in The Lecture Hall of Culture Square of Guancheng District every weekend. By inviting art groups from home and abroad, experts holding art performance of music, dancing, operas, folklores, movies and ... [ full info >> ]

Metropolitan Rainbow

Metropolitan Rainbow is held in the little outdoor theatre at the Southern part of the Central Square. "Metropolitan Rainbow" with its stage operas, small-scale vocal concerts, instrument performance groups, band performances... [ full info >> ]