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Dongguan Quality Supervision Test Center established
http://www.dongguantoday.com    8/17/2009 11:24:00 AM

On August 8, Dongguan Quality Supervision Test Center (hereinafter referred to as the Test Center) was established, rectifying the “no national test center in Dongguan” problem. Meanwhile, the two national centers of quality supervision testing concerning information technology related equipment and paper products under the jurisdiction of the Test Center announced establishment on the same day.

The openning ceremony of Dongguan Quality Supervision Test Center was held on August 8.

The Test Centers covers 16 industries and is capable of meeting the basic needs of the eight pillar industries in Dongguan. Furthermore, it will also stimulate the development of surrounding areas by providing strong technological support for the upgrade of enterprises’ products.

The Test Center covers an area of more than 66 thousand sq.m. The total investment toward its construction amounted to 200 million yuan. There are more than 2,800 sets of test devices and equipment worth about 100 million yuan. “Beside the two national centers, it also includes 11 provincial level product quality supervision test stations targeting furniture, food and jewelry. It has the ability to test 1099 varieties of products covering 16 industries such as computer, machinery, solar energy, photo electricity, chemical engineering, spectacles, leather, and textiles. The testing services can meet the basic requirement of the eight pillar industries in Dongguan,”said Gu Liwen, the Director of the Test Center.

The Test Center can also issue CNAS (China National Accreditation Service) certificate, which is recognized by 54 laboratory accreditation bodies in 45 economic communities and governmental organizations representing the majority of developed nations, such as the US, Japan, Australia, Canada, France and Italy. “Many enterprises encounter technical barriers from these trading nations. Thus the Test Center can provide accreditation and technological support for enterprises.” Said Gu.

"There have been many testing organizations established in Dongguan before, but they charge too much money and are not authoritative enough. Now when the products are sent to this Test Center, at least 30% of the test fees will be saved,” said Liu Tao, the president of Dongguan Nissei Transmitting Technology Co., Ltd. Another greater attraction of the Test Center to Liu is that it will offer continuous service and provide a scientific guide for enterprises.

(By Tan Jing)

Source:www.dgtoday.com.cn  Editor: Shane Michael
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