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Dongguan at the dawn of industries upgrading: Wang Yang
http://www.dongguantoday.com    8/17/2009 9:07:00 AM

Wang Yang (L1), Secretary of Guangdong CPC Committee visited some factories and innovation centers in Dongguan on August 11th.

Dongguan's industries transforming and upgrading is at the dawning of further progress, said Wang Yang, Secretary of Guangdong CPC Committee on August 11th.

Wang Yang made the remarks when visiting factories and innovation centers in Dongguan, saying that industrial transforming and upgrading is achieving unparalleled progress, and Dongguan should strengthen its confidence while making more effort in achieving its goals under the ongoing financial crisis.

"We shall see this progress as 'the first sign of dawn'. There are still many unpredictable factors and changes in the global economic situation. Dongguan should pay close attention to its industrial transforming and upgrading, strengthen confidence and strive to make further success," Wang said.

"Industrial transforming and upgrading is complex, comprehensive and long-term work which calls for the effort of all levels of government," he added.

Wang Yang (middle) was attracted by some advanced electronic tools manufactured by Techtronic Industries Group in Houjie.

When he visited Techtronic Industries Group in Houjie, Wang was attracted by some advanced electronic tools manufactured by the company. Wang praised the success of Techtronic Industries in transforming itself from an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) to an OBM (own branding & manufacturing).

Zhong Zhiping, the Vice CEO of Techtronic Industries Group said the group's income has been 100 times greater over the year of 2000 when the group purchased a number of electronic tools brands in European countries and in America.

According to Zhong, the group's key in business success lies in the group's adhering to three strategies: research & develop strategy, talent strategy and strategy to expand domestic market. "We have moved about 80% of our R & D centers into Houjie from Europe, and we are planning to set up an Asia-Pacific R & D center."

This is the 10th time Wang Yang visits Dongguan in merely a half of year. Wang's visit was not only understood as a trip to examine Dongguan's progress in industries transforming and upgrading, but also a trip to encourage enterprises which are undergoing the transforming under the pressure of the financial crisis.

(By Morvin Chow)

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Source:www.dgtoday.com.cn  Editor: Shane Michael
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