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FPTUP: Funding Program for Transformation and Upgrade of Processing Trade Enterprises
http://www.dongguantoday.com    8/10/2009 7:24:00 PM

In support of the transformation and upgrade for processing trade enterprises, the government of Dongguan sets up a special fund of 1 billion yuan.

1. Subsidies for setting up R&D institutions

PTEs that set up R&D institutions with an independent legal person identity or set up an R&D department within a company in Dongguan are exempted from all administrative charges including application and registration fees.

2. Subsidies for setting up investment companies and headquarters

• 3 million yuan for each investment enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Commerce.
• 1 million yuan for each regional headquarters recognized by the Department of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Guangdong Province

3. Subsides for exploring the domestic market

FPTUP offers subsidies to encourage domestic sales in the following circumstances:

• Exhibitors attending domestic trade fairs acknowledged by government authorities can have their rent and booth decoration subsidized by 50%, up to 100,000 yuan for each project.
• Manufacturers targeting domestic buyers can have production of catalogues or flyers (CDs) subsidized by 50%, up to 100,000 for each project.
• Producers targeting domestic buyers can have advertisements in communications media (including e-commerce) subsidized at 50%, up to 150,000 yuan for each project.
• Trademarks registered in China can be subsidized for 100% of the registration fee.
• Enterprises engaged in domestic sales can be subsidized for a 10% tax rebate on the increased VAT of sales of the previous year, up to 1 million yuan for each enterprise. (The increased VAT should not be less than 1 million yuan). Newly established enterprises may qualify for this subsidy upon reaching their 2nd fiscal year.

4. Subsidies for PTE further development in Dongguan

• Counter-guarantee: For key PTEs, a counter-guarantee for deposit account of letter of guarantee of restricted commodities from the Bank of China is provided.
• Investment reward: PTEs may receive rewards for investment in new projects or project expansions. They may be rewarded in the rate of 100,000 yuan for each project exceeding US$5 million, with a maximum 1 million yuan that a single enterprise can receive.
• Training subsidy: 30% of training costs can be subsidized under FPTUP, with a maximum subsidy amount of 100,000 yuan, if employees are sent by the PTE to take basic career training, corporate management training or professional improvement training courses organized by government departments and filed by BOFEC.
• Consulting subsidy: If PTEs attend consulting programs organized by the city government about transformation and upgrade, 50% of the counseling expense cost will be subsidized with a maximum amount of 300,000 yuan for each project.

5. Support for transformation of enterprises, engaged in processing with supplied materials, into overseas-invested enterprises

When enterprises engaged in processing with supplied materials are transformed into overseas-invested enterprises, administrative charges and licensing fees—including an alteration registration fee, new registration fee and 50% of the capital checking fee—will be subsidized.

Source:www.dgtoday.com.cn/ Dongguan Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation  Editor: Tan Jing
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