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Support for overseas-invested enterprises that are building brands and exploring domestic markets
http://www.dongguantoday.com    8/10/2009 7:17:00 PM

The government of Dongguan sets up a special fund and takes the following measures to encourage overseas-invested enterprises to build brands and explore the domestic market.

1. Work closely with the Hong Kong Trade and Development Council (HKTDC) and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC)

• Hold regular seminars and promotional presentations to introduce policies for domestic sales and exchange experiences of brand building and domestic sales
• Organize enterprises to attend domestic-market-exploring activities hosted by HKTDC and promote Hong Kong-funded enterprises in Dongguan to expand domestic sales

2. Construct a Bonded Logistics Center featuring integrated functioning of two warehouses in ports (a bonded warehouse and export supervised warehouse) with support from the Customs Administration

As a result, the domestic carry-over warehouses will substitute for the practice of domestic sales by a “One-Day Tour by Way of Hong Kong”. This will address the problem of re-imports of goods processed domestically with supplied materials, resulting in greatly reducing logistics costs and improving operating efficiency.

3. Huangpu Customs Administration adopts measures to support overseas-invested enterprises to expand domestic sales

(1) Open a Fast Pass for domestic sales
Fully provide “window service” to examine domestic sales following a timely filing, prompt handling procedure so that the examination process can be simplified. Build the pre-auditing system to prioritize the appraisal and categorization process in order to improve work efficiency.

(2) Promote integrated declaration on a trial basis
(a) Enterprises under networked supervision
Upon approval of the Customs Administration, enterprises may conduct domestic sales of bonded materials and parts or finished products within the scope stipulated by commercial-related authorities. The enterprises can do this while going through the streamlined procedures for taxation of domestic sales within the same month (no later than the 15th day of the forthcoming month).
(b) Type AA and type A enterprises not under networked supervision
These enterprises may take advantage of a centralized customs declaration service much like the practice applicable to those under the networked supervision. They can do this after filing an application, submitting proof of credit guarantee and being examined and approved by the customs and commercial authorities.

(3) Conduct online auctions on a trial basis
Pilot online auctions of bonded goods may be carried out for a final duty-paid price of products so as to ensure open and fair deals.

4. The domestic sales fund is an integral part of funding under FPTUP with an aim to encouraging overseas-invested enterprises to conduct domestic sales.

• 100% of trademark registration fees may be subsidized for overseas-invested enterprises to register trademarks on the mainland;
• 50% of exhibition fees may be subsidized for enterprises attending domestic exhibitions; 50% of advertisement fees through communications media may be subsidized;
• 50% of fees for making promotional materials may be subsidized;
• 10% of the increased VAT, which has been paid to Dongguan’s tax department for the previous year, may be offered to enterprises engaged in domestic sales. (The increased VAT should not be less than 1 million yuan)

NOTE: Each enterprise may obtain up to 1 million yuan of the above subsidies. These opportunities for newly established enterprises will take effect at the beginning of the 2nd fiscal year.

Source:www.dgtoday.com.cn/ Dongguan Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation  Editor: Tan Jing
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