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Chinese heavyweights gather at Songshan Lake’s Integrated Circuitry Innovation Forum
http://www.dongguantoday.com    7/26/2011 11:07:00 AM

One of the most important parts of the Forum was the "round table" discussion held in the afternoon of 7th July by IC companies and system vendors on the topic of "XPad: The historical opportunity of China's IC innovation". Kong Wen, a senior analyst from the Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association, initiated a discussion on the non-Apple branded-XPAD Tablet PC. He introduced the definition of Apple and all non-Apple products, their market trends and quality standards. Following this, guests from Nufront, Anyka, ThunderSoft, and Yulong Telecom Technology began a spirited discussion. An in-depth discussion on multi-layered contents such as software, hardware, programs and applications emerged during the round table event, and eventually culminated in a single question: "Is China able to produce products with high performance-to-price ratios that will sell as well as the IPAD?" The subsequent two-hour Q&A was unable to solve all the guests' conjectures and doubts about the XPAD. While many people joined the discussion with their own questions in mind, they soon began to think about new problems.

The Forum was not only a golden opportunity to promote computer chip innovation in Dongguan, but also showed a side of Dongguan different to many people's perceptions. Scientific planning, modern industrial facilities, rich secondary resources, strong government support for high-tech industries set in a beautiful environment all contribute to the attractive lure of SSL to the IC design industry. In particular, the recently introduced "SSL IC industry policy" provides the local IC industry with comprehensive support ranging across intellectual property regulations, specific national policies and funding, patent registration, and many other advantages.

"To Promote SSL via Chips" has become a resounding theme. China's first SSL IC Innovation Forum is just a beginning. SSL will pursue the long-term goal of developing high-tech industries and specifically promote the IC which is considered to be the top of the electronics industry. More efficient practical industrial policies will be introduced to improve the IC industry chain and provide new space for the IC industry to flourish. Henceforth, SSL will continue to invite key links in the electronics information industry chain, such as machine manufacturers, customized business solutions and IC design companies, to exchange demands and seek common development.

(By Stefanie Tan)

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Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Sev Pischl
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