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Songshan Lake promotes business in Canada and U.S.
http://www.dongguantoday.com    7/5/2011 10:17:00 AM

The delegation from Songshan Lake of Dongguan in a meeting with NVIDIA, the world leader in visual computing technologies and one of Silicon Valley’s cutting-edge companies.

In Waterloo, the delegation met with senior executives of the Research in Motion (RIM Blackberry) headquarters and factories. RIM is a professional high-tech enterprise providing BlackBerry mobile messaging solutions. Their main products include innovative software, advanced wireless handhelds, wireless network services, important support programs and related tertiary services. Li Hang gave a detailed description of current developments in the communications industries in Songshan Lake. RIM’s China Business Director, Ms. Jessica Zhu, greatly appreciated Songshan Lake’s investment environment, and said RIM as a company are very optimistic about the Chinese market. She confirmed they are already working with several agencies in China concerning in-depth cooperation’s, and that some projects may be settled in Songshan Lake.

Ji Tongkai and Mr. Sean McManus, Product Marketing Director of RIM, conducted in-depth exchanges on the application and development of cloud computing technologies in Chinese enterprises. Both sides said they can expand the South China market by taking advantage of the cloud electrical facilities and customer base of Guangdong Electronics Industry Research Institute, and the introduction of RIM’s wireless solutions.

In Toronto, the delegation visited the headquarters of Celestica Technology. The company’s Chief Operating Officer Mr. John Peri and other senior executives were on hand to receive the Chinese delegation. Celestica gave a detailed presentation of their overall operational structure and of their production base in North America. Mr. Peri said he considers Songshan Lake to be one of China’s best investment locations with “Celestica Dongguan” to be one of the most promising investment projects in all China. Celestica will continue to increase their investment in Songshan Lake towards improving the research and development capabilities of Dongguan Celestica. Determined to transform Dongguan Celestica from a trade processing enterprise to a research and development enterprise, they now plan to establish both research & development centres and testing centres. Li Hang was appreciative of Celestica’s plan to increase their investment capital, and to boost their confidence he explained details of Songshan Lake’s science and technology personnel policy which would benefit them.


Throughout the June trip to the US and Canada a series of other business activities were conducted to promote investment. From these events and those described above, a new model for investment-introduction was created, showing how to facilitate and attract investments in different ways. Firstly, it promoted win-win situations for collective enterprises at Songshan Lake with the example of the “cloud investment” project. Secondly, the delegation described the mechanisms of investment and channels of rapid response to trade promotion and business opportunities. Thirdly, emphasis has been placed on the need to accept the transformation of traditional ideas. Finally came the crucial realization that ongoing regular visits to other cities and countries for investment-invitation activities are absolutely critical.

(By Stefanie Tan)

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Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Sev Pischl
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