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Songshan Lake promotes business in Canada and U.S.
http://www.dongguantoday.com    7/5/2011 10:17:00 AM

The delegation from Songshan Lake of Dongguan visited AMAX, who specialize in high-performance computer cluster development.

In late June, a delegation led by Song Tao (an appointed adviser to the People’s Municipal Government) and Li Hang (the Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Songshan Lake’s National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone) again visited the United States and Canada, to carry out investment invitation activities. While previous visits concentrated only on locating investments, this visit has also been an opportunity to promote mutually beneficial business opportunities in Songshan Lake’s excellent industrial sector. The delegation was able to broaden Songshan Lake’s communication channels with well-known enterprises in the United States and Canada, and also build a platform for business communication with Songshan Lake’s technological industries. This visit not only reinforced investments initiated during previous trips to the United States, but has also created a new strategy on which to model future business investment approaches.

Precept 1: Consolidate prior investments; promote new business introductions from existing business cooperation’s.

Investment invitation activities from earlier this year in the U.S. have already begun to bear fruit. Following the stateside promotional conference, President of AmSun Pharmaceutical Services Inc., Dr. Tony Tian, and the biotechnology expert Dr. Sun Xiaoyan have joined the Animal Science & Technology Park in Songshan Lake. At the invitation of Li Hang, Avrio Biopharmaceutical Company (one of the most authoritative companies in the U.S.’s pharmaceutical testing and evaluation services) paid a positive visit to Songshan Lake in early June. After cooperative discussions with enterprises such as East Sun and Hansen Bio-technology, Avrio now plans to establish an overseas testing services division at Songshan Lake.

Back in January this year, the Chinese delegation visited AMAX at their high-tech facility in Silicon Valley. AMAX’s Chairman, Mr. Jerry Shih, said that Songshan Lake’s environment is very beautiful and he was quite impressed by its policies and public services. Come April, Mr. Shih decided to establish AMAX’s South China headquarters in Songshan Lake, and said he would actively introduce other high-tech U.S. companies to Songshan Lake. Following this announcement, AMAX went on to introduce the Chinese delegation to NVIDIA, VM Discovery and Amkey Ventures amongst several other famous corporations. Also in April, AMAX helped establish Dongguan Chaobo Electronic Technology Co. Ltd in the Songshan collective. This computing orientated company specializes in research and development, testing, production and sales of high-performance computer cluster systems (supercomputers), high-performance parallel clusters and cloud computing.

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Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Sev Pischl
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