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'Six Platforms' set up by Dongguan to expand the domestic market
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Platform 3: HKTDC fair-participating platform for exploitation of market

In 2009, PGDM signed the framework agreement with HKTDC to jointly organize the enterprises in Dongguan to participate in 33 fairs and shows at home and abroad, among which 9 are aimed at exploiting the domestic market. For the participating enterprises, we will fund them in participation fees, promotion fees, product registration cost and product certification fee. The main contents of the cooperation contain the following:

1. We, while establishing the cooperative mechanism and implementing the system of joint conference, carefully collect the demands of Dongguan’s HK-invested enterprises in opening up the emerging markets to facilitate the exploitation of the emerging markets by the enterprises and help them resolve the difficulties in building brands and developing markets.

2. The enterprises are actively aroused and organized to participate in the fairs at home and abroad. In 2009, PGDM and HKTDC cooperatively organized Dongguan’s HK-invested enterprises to participated 33 fairs including 9 domestic fairs, 17 HK fairs and 7 international fairs oriented to the emerging markets such as Middle East, East Europe, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa.

3. The HK-invested enterprises in Dongguan are encouraged to promote their products and services by full use of HKTDC’s promotional platform including e-business and purchase publications and help them open up the emerging markets.

4. The HK-invested enterprises in Dongguan will be given the preferential treatment and financial support in such market promotion activities as participating in fairs at home and abroad, advertising their products and service and printing promotional materials, as well as building their own brands.

5. Joint efforts are made to set up the platform of brand service. Both sides regularly hold the seminars and presentations to facilitate exchange of experiences among the enterprises in building brands and guide them in building brands and opening up markets.

In 2010, we jointly organize Dongguan’s enterprises with HKTDC to participate in 44 fairs (see attachments). In consideration of the characteristics of Dongguan’s industrial structure, we mainly organize them to participate in 22 fairs including 10 domestic fairs. We set up the special area of Dongguan’s brand-name products to raise the notability of such products. Moreover, we jointly hold the seminars of building brands with HKTDC to analyze the individual cases of successful brand building and share experiences. We also plan to hold the brand seminar of clothing industry in Humen Dongguan this year. In addition, we will show the brands of Dongguan’s enterprises by use of HKTDC’s e-business platform.

Platform 4: Alibaba.com e-business platform

In 2009, PGDM signed the framework agreement of cooperation with Alibaba.com to build the “made-in-Dongguan” brand in the world. We built the “made-in-Dongguan” special area to promote Dongguan’s products and services by the uniform image and jointly impel our enterprises to open up the emerging markets through e-business platform. So far, 2300 enterprises separately enjoyed the service of ExportPass and TrustPass. Meanwhile, to encourage the enterprises to use the e-business platform, the enterprises in the “made-in-Dongguan” special area of Alibaba.com will enjoy the one-year full funding from the special item established by PGDM in Dongguan’s special fund of processing trade. The main contents thereof contain the following:

1. Jointly creating the environment for e-business development. The good environment for e-business development is jointly created in Dongguan to impel Dongguan’s foreign trade enterprises to use and popularize e-business and open up the markets at home and abroad in an all-round way through strengthening policy guidance and improving service system.

2. Building the “made-in-Dongguan” e-business brand. The “made-in-Dongguan e-business platform” is built in the network platform of Alibaba.com and Dongguan’s foreign trade enterprises that use Alibaba’s e-business service are assembled in the related trade area to promote Dongguan’s products and service by the uniform image and build the “made-in-Dongguan” brand in the world.

3. Providing the pertinent service products. Alibaba.com tests and promotes its latest products and service in Dongguan and design some characteristic services and products. In 2009 it mainly promoted its e-business service, networked co-guarantee loan and joint training service of foreign trade talents for minor enterprises. E-business service conduces to helping enterprises opening up the markets at home and abroad; networked co-guarantee loan, helping minor enterprises out in financing; joint training service of foreign trade talents, alleviating the difficult problems in e-business talents of foreign trade.

4. Extending the marketing channels. Efforts are made to promote three kinds of e-business services related to export sales, domestic wholesale and retail, which can be used to assist Dongguan’s foreign trade enterprises in opening up the markets at home and abroad, especially Dongguan’s manufacturing enterprises of foreign trade in trying to set up the domestic-sale network by use of the e-business service, increasing domestic-sale rate and reducing the operating risk of enterprises through flexibly utilizing the markets at home and abroad.

5. Carrying out the e-business training. The pertinent training activities are conducted to provide enterprises with the references in using the e-business, formulating the strategy for development of foreign trade and making of corporate decisions. In addition, the free training will be given to the enterprises to help them grasp the e-business skills and improve their application of e-business.

6. Providing the support of special fund. We active do well in relative policy support and coordinated services and answer for the special fund to assist the enterprises in starting e-business and encourage them to join the “made-in-Dongguan e-business special area”.

In 2010, we will continuously ally with Alibaba.com to improve the functions of such a special area and hold the off-line e-business training to impel the PTEs to open up the domestic market by use of e-business platform.

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Source:Dongguan Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation  Editor: Tan Jing
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