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Cantonese snacks for the Festival传统小吃
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Dan Juan (Crispy Egg roll) and Dan San (Crispy Egg Shatters) 蛋散

Dan Juan is a favorite with the Cantonese during the Spring Festival and many housewives make this snack at home. Dan Juan and Dan San have attracted many fans since they are very crisp and not as oily as Jian Dui and You Jiao.

Ingredients: egg, sticky rice powder, white sugar and oil

Nian Gao (Sweet Rice Pudding)年糕

Nian Gao, Year cake or Chinese New Year's cake is a food prepared from glutinous rice and consumed in Chinese cuisine.

The Guangdong variety is also called nian gao. It is sweetened, usually with brown sugar. It is distinct with a dark yellow color. The paste is poured into a cake pan and steamed once more to settle mixture. The batter is steamed until it solidifies and served in thick slices. It may be eaten as is. The nian gao becomes stretchy and extremely sticky. It can also be served as a pudding flavored with rosewater or red bean paste.

The next stage is optional as it can be pan-fried afterwards,often with egg, to make (煎年糕, jyutping: zin1 nin4 gou1 pinyin: jiān nián gāo). When fried it is slightly crispy on the outside, and remains pasty on the inside. During Chinese New Year, it is cut into square pieces and served along with similar cake dim sum dishes like taro cake and water chestnut cake.

Ingredients: sticky rice powder, olives, Chinese dates, brown sugar and peanut oil

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