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Cantonese snacks for the Festival传统小吃
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Jau gok (Deep Fried Dumplings) 油角

Jau gok are traditional dumplings found within Cantonese cuisine originating from Guangdong Province in China. They are most common during Chinese new year and are consumed in Cantonese-speaking regions and communities, including Hong Kong. The dumpling wrap is first made of glutinous rice dough. A dumpling shape is formed, and then a batch of dumplings are deep fried in a wok.

There are two types of Jau gok, salty and sweet.


The savory version are generally called (鹹角仔). There is a range of popular

fillings that varies depending on regional culture. Common ingredients include pork,

pieces of Chinese sausages, pieces of Chinese black mushroom. Because of the meat

ingredients, this dumpling is quite greasy.

Sweet coconut

The sweet coconut version are generally called (甜角仔). The standard filling has

desiccated (dried) coconut crumbs mixed with sugar. After the frying, this version is

crunchy. This version is suitable for vegetarians.

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Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng
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