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Cycling in Dongguan
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Cycling in Dongguan


In recent years, cycling has become a more and more popular pastime and recreational sport in Dongguan, as the city provides excellent environment for the exercise. Dongguan has five forest parks which boast beautiful scenery and convenient bicycle paths. A green way which connects the city’s major tourist resorts is nearly finished, and is set to be bicycle only.

Venues for cycling

1. Songshan Lake

The Songshan Science and Industrial Park lies around the Songshan Lake, which perfectly balances science, technology and landscape. The 8-square-kilometer lake, surrounded by green hills, has fresh and clean air as well as flocks of birds that fly and tweet all around it. When the lake is covered by mist and drizzle, it resembles a bashful young maid looking through her veil.

Along the lake, there is the 42 kilometer Lakeside Road, full of greenery, lychee and other fruit trees. These roads are regarded as the best bicycle paths. All along the lakeside road, tiny colorful flowers display their beauty on a carpet of green grass, making visitors relax and unwind. If you find the place is too far to take your bicycle there, you can also rent one because the place also provides bicycle renting services.

2. Tongsha Ecological Park

As one of the five forest parks in Dongguan, Tongsha Ecological Park is located in the Southern part of the Dongcheng District of Dongguan City and connected to Guangchang Highway, with a convenient traffic flow and a magnificent view. The Park covers an area of 40.2 square kilometers, with a greenery of 30 square kilometers, while the area of water is 562.47 hectares. This park includes Wetland Park, Youth Activity Center, Protection Area of Precious Animals and Plants, Vacation Village, the arboretum, the aquatic traveling area and the camping area etc.

The place is the most popular venue for bicycle enthusiast in Dongguan. Competitions are held there from time to time.

3. Green World

The Green World is highly recommended. The park is located in the Nancheng District of Dongguan City, covering an area of 4.56 square kilometers (about 1.76 square miles). As an ecological tour destination that attracts a great number of visitors by its beautiful natural environment, the park is an ideal place to spend time on cycling.

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Source:Dongguan Today  Editor: Zhou Mingfeng
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