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Dongguan expands trade cooperation with Anhui Province  (8/5/2011)
Chinese heavyweights gather at Songshan Lake’s Integrated Circuitry Innovation Forum  (7/26/2011)
Songshan Lake promotes business in Canada and U.S.  (7/5/2011)
T-Mark wholesale supermarket opens tomorrow  (5/30/2011)
KBA lands major contract at Print China in Dongguan  (4/13/2011)
The 3rd FECF booths to charge 1000 yuan  (3/4/2011)
669 Dongguan firms to pilot trade settlement in yuan  (2/25/2011)
KFC opens another 4 restaurants in Dongguan  (2/22/2011)
Nine Dragons Paper to invest $1.5 in Liaoning  (12/31/2010)
Value-added of Dongguan’s industrial sector ranks 3rd in PRD  (12/2/2010)
Wintek starts construction of LCD project in Dongguan  (11/25/2010)
Domestic sale in foreign enterprises rising 30% in last 3 quarters  (11/12/2010)
Dongguan's GDP up 10.6% in first half 2010:Mayor  (7/27/2010)
The 2nd Animation Copyright Fair to be held during National Day holidays  (7/7/2010)
More eco-cooperation with Japan and South Korea expected  (6/8/2010)
Deposit balance decreased by 4 bln yuan in April  (5/18/2010)
The 1st factory outlet center in Dongguan in trial operation  (5/6/2010)
176 Dongguan enterprises to join 107th Canton Fair  (4/13/2010)
Dongguan’s foreign trade up 37.4% in first two months  (4/7/2010)
RMB 110 million for seven testing labs  (3/25/2010)
Humen Port: International shipping line expanded to Africa  (3/17/2010)
DG to support bio-pharmaceutical industry  (3/8/2010)
Dongguan's financial industry continues steady development  (3/5/2010)
New index futures not so popular in DG  (2/24/2010)
Dongguan's GDP reaches RMB 376 billion in 2009  (2/1/2010)
Dongguan's hi-tech industry revenue hits 231.6 bln yuan  (1/20/2010)
Dongguan's GDP growth set at 8% for 2010  (1/19/2010)
The economy in 2009 to grow by 5.3%  (12/31/2009)
Dongguan to build factory outlet centers  (12/17/2009)
Gross savings in Dongguan exceed 500 billion yuan  (12/16/2009)
Dongguan records 3 percent economic growth in the first three quarters  (10/16/2009)
5 million yuan in funding available to 10 industrial clusters  (8/24/2009)
Dongguan Quality Supervision Test Center established  (8/17/2009)
Dongguan at the dawn of industries upgrading: Wang Yang  (8/17/2009)
Knitting new profits  (8/17/2009)
Govt. to support transformation and upgrading of Hong Kong-funded enterprises  (8/13/2009)
22 enterprises opened in SSL Science Park  (8/7/2009)
Dongguan’s foreign trade in the first half stabilizing and recovering  (8/7/2009)
Dongguan's CPI down 3% in the first half  (8/7/2009)
1000 free booths offered in the 11th 3-C Expo  (8/7/2009)
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