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Shilong:2009 Liveable Community
On October 13, 2009, news from Czech Republic arrived announcing that Shilong Town in Dongguan city was awarded the first prize in "2009 Liveable Community".Shilong becomes one of the most liveable communities in the world.
Modeling in Dongguan, the toddling child (2)
Humen and Dalang, two leading apparel production bases in Dongguan, own several thousands of apparel enterprises which produce hundreds of millions of saleable items every year. The local garment industry not only brings an amazing economic index, but also nurtures a huge market potential for modeling.
Modeling in Dongguan, the toddling child (1)
After several decades of development, apparel manufacturers in Dongguan, especially those in Humen township, has dressed up the global market with its superb dresses at bargain prices. For the advertisement and brand promotion need, the apparel industry in Dongguan face a huge demand for models. The modeling industry, however, is like a toddler taking her first few steps.
Celebrating 60th Anniversary of The People's Republic of China
Celebrating 60th Anniversary of The People's Republic of China.
View Dongguan from the sky (1): A liveable community
Dongguan is situated in Guangdong province on the east bank of the Pearl River that flows into the South China Sea. The vegetation of the city corresponds to typical subtropical monsoon evergreen forests.
Know about China's Teacher's Day
Nearly every country in the world has its own Teacher's Day. In 1985 the ninth meeting of the National People's Congress Standing Committee declared that September 10th is China's Teacher's Day.
Where to have a real Chinese Valentine's Day in Dongguan
What is the concept of love in China? How do Chinese spend their Valentine's Day (August 25th this year)?
Overseas Media Groups Tour in Dongguan
On July 29th 2009, 17 highly influential media groups from the US, England, France, Germany, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Hong Kong and several mainstream media groups from mainland China visited Dongguan.
Celebrate Dongguan Today's 1st Anniversary
Launched on July 28th 2008, Dongguan Today was the first website of Dongguan to promote external publicity and news in English. More than a million visitors from all around the globe have gained access to our website in the past year, making it an important window for people inside and outside of China to know the city of Dongguan.
The 1st Guangdong Foreign-invested Enterprises Commodities Fair
The 1st session of Guangdong Foreign-invested Enterprises Commodities Fair (FECF) will be sponsored by the People’s Government of Guangdong Province in Guangdong Modern International Exhibition Center, in Houjie Town of Dongguan City from 18th to 20th of June.
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The Opening Ceremony of Dongguan Today
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