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Traditional snacks and dishes in Dongguan (1)
Dongguan used to be a rural county of the Pearl River Delta in South China, and has long enjoyed the prestigious title "the Land of Fish and Rice". Many people's diets here are closely related to the ‘fish and rice’ principle.
Festivals and places to have fun in June
In June we have Dragon Boat Festival, lotus festival and litchi festival which can represent the vivid culture of a traditional Dongguan. We have selected these festivals for you as well as several cultural resorts which would be a worthy choice for visiting.
Where to buy foreign goods in Dongguan?
Where to buy foreign goods in Dongguan 我为洋货狂——东莞进口食品购买指南
2010 Dongguan Taiwan Competitive Products Expo
With an exhibition area of 20,000 sq.m, there will be 1, 100 standard booths in the fair, 600 for Taiwan-invested enterprises in Dongguan and 500 for local enterprises in Taiwan. 400 enterprises will showcase over 20,000 good-quality goods and services from Taiwan.
Spring Festival greetings from expats in DG
Top 10 projects of the Dongguan Government for 2010
The Report on the Work of the Government confirms a list of top 10 projects that will be the focus of the Dongguan Government for 2010.
Christmas events in Dongguan
Hyatt will host a special Christmas set menu meal on Dec. 24th and 25th 2009. Ticket prices are 188 yuan per addult and 98 yuan per child. Magic and musical performances will be staged from 19:00-20:30.
Feel Dongguan
Feel Dongguan
Qi-Lou on Zhenhua Road, to be or not to be?
In order to solve the traffic jam problem in the old Guancheng district, Guancheng Government has announced plans to build a new road connecting South Keyuan Road and Guangming Road.a wave of controversy has swept through citizens in Dongguan.
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The Opening Ceremony of Dongguan Today
Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dance
Inheriting of humanistic spirit city
the cultural life of Dongguan's people is colorful and reflected
Cultural Weekend
Metropolitan Rainbow
The New Eight Sceneries
Misty Rains of Songshan Lake
Morning Light upon the Avenue
Central Square
Humen Bridge
Greenery of Gradation in Huying
Scent of Blossoms in Banling
Herons of Lotus Mountainr
Moon Reflection over Jinsha Bay
The Eight Relic Sceneries
Heroism at the Old Fortress
Enchantment in Keyuan Garden
City Gate of Fortune
Prehistoric Haogang
Huangchong Ancestral Temple
Nanshe Village’s Charm
The Jin’ao Tower Silhouette
Prowess of Dongzong