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The 3rd Dongguan Oral English Contest
The 3rd Dongguan Oral English Contest
The 2nd Dongguan Oral English Contest
Contestants are required to talk about their life experience in Dongguan and how they feel about this city. In your eyes, what is Dongguan City like? There are about a thousand Dongguans’, each with its splendor.
The 4th Charming Star Contest
In 2010, Stars will go to Bali to explore the coastal cultures in a foreign country. Still they will continue with the journey of public service to help the disadvantaged groups.
Tell you the secret of learning English
14:00pm-16:00pm, January 9th (Saturday)
The 1st Dongguan Oral English Contest
Join and win a share of 22,200 yuan
Sunshine City, Happy English (Sep.12, 2009)
Talk about your life experience in Dongguan and how you feel about this city.
Sunshine City, Happy English (May 16, 2009)
Home is the harbor of love and happiness to everyone. Busy and stressed life may make you neglect the close communicaton with your family, to whom you may be too shy to express your love. Why not share your happiness and show your love to your family here?
Sunshine City, Happy English (Mar.1, 2009)
Perhaps everyone has the same experience: having finished business at hand with all the energy and enthusiasm that you can muster, you still find yourself in the same place.
Sunshine City, Happy English (Dec.28, 2008)
In your opinion, what is the definition of success and how can one become successful? Foreign teachers share with us the life stories of some of the world's most successful figures.
Sunshine City, Happy English (Dec.14, 2008)
Topic: What can we buy with 10 yuan?
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The Opening Ceremony of Dongguan Today
Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dance
Inheriting of humanistic spirit city
the cultural life of Dongguan's people is colorful and reflected
Cultural Weekend
Metropolitan Rainbow
The New Eight Sceneries
Misty Rains of Songshan Lake
Morning Light upon the Avenue
Central Square
Humen Bridge
Greenery of Gradation in Huying
Scent of Blossoms in Banling
Herons of Lotus Mountainr
Moon Reflection over Jinsha Bay
The Eight Relic Sceneries
Heroism at the Old Fortress
Enchantment in Keyuan Garden
City Gate of Fortune
Prehistoric Haogang
Huangchong Ancestral Temple
Nanshe Village’s Charm
The Jin’ao Tower Silhouette
Prowess of Dongzong