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As a famoussu historical and cultural city in Guangdong province, Dongguan has prosperous and magnificent folk arts. It is the origin of the Lingnan (South China) painting school as well as the homeland of national Cantonese opera art, awakening lion art, kylin art and dragon-boat art.
Cantonese Songs and Cantonese Operas
Lion (Dragon, Kylin, Phoenix) Dancing

Because the forerunners of the Lingnan painting school-Ju Lian and Ju Chao lived in Keyuan Garden to paint and teach drawing for a long time Dongguan was the original place of the Lingnan (South China) painting school. Dongguan’s paintings lay stress on sketching. At the same time they absorbed the western sketching techniques of using colors and became an exotic flower of the Lingnan painting school.

Lingnan painting