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Industry Park Economy

The industry park economy emerges with the implementation of the opening-up policy and the development of the export-oriented economy. Each industrial park is governed under uniform policies whereby management and standard administrative organizations were set up. The competitive edge of investment invitation has been greatly sharpened by providing parks with good living and production supporting facilities and high-level information services. During the process to develop the park economy Dongguan has attached great importance to the construction of a series of hi-tech parks represented by Dongguan Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park, Dongguan East Industrial Park, and Humen Port Development Zone. All this greatly drives the city in inviting investment.

The High-tech Industry Park with the Greatest Development Potential inChina
-- Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park

Dongguan Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park is a new & high-tech industrial development zone established in November 2001 under the approval of the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government. The park is located at the geometric center of ... [ full info >> ]
National First Class Port – Humen Port
With a design capacity of 41 million tons, Humen Port has finished construction of 39 berths of 2,000 tons to 350,000 tons open to the outside. The construction of Humen Port Development Zone not only shoulders part of the export of products made in Dongguan but is also ... [ full info >> ]
East Manufacturing Center – East Industrial Park

Located in the junction area of the 4 towns of Changping, Qiaotou, Qishi and Hengli with a planned area of 35.5 square meters the East Industrial Park will be constructed to become the “Demonstrative Modern Ecological Industry Park in Dongguan” that takes manufacturing ... [ full info >> ]