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In recent years Dongguan has made great efforts to promote the development of the feature “industry rests on industry clusters.” To date the industry clusters in Dongguan have come a long way. Dongguan has been awarded the reputation of National Electrical IT Industry Base and National Textile Industry Base City. Also a series of towns have been awarded national base of different fields for their respective featured industry, such as Humen, “The China Famous Lady Fashion Town;” Dalang, “The China Famous Knitted Sweater Town;” Dalingshan, “The China Key Furniture Export Town;” Liaobu, Shijie and Changping, “The China Famous Electronic Information Industry Town;” Chang’an, “The China Famous Town of Machine, Hardware and Moulds;” Changping, “The China Key Electronic Information Industry Town;” Zhangmutou, “The China Key Plastic Trade Town;” Shatian, “The China Key Port Logistics Town;” Zhongtang, “The China Key Agricultural Byproducts Town;” Houjie, “The China Famous Exhibition Town;” and Chashan, “The China Famous Foods Town.” As well as Shilong, with its electronic information industry, Dalang with its woollen industry, Humen with its fashion industry, Chang’an, with its hardware and moulds, and Dalingshan, with its furniture industry, together they have been determined to be the provincial-level industry cluster upgrade pilots. The paper-making industry in Zhongtang, the furniture industry in Houjie, the toy industry in Changping, and others are also coming into their own.

1.Electronic Information Industry
Electronic Information Industry is one of the priority pillar industries in Dongguan and has been the economic engine driving the development of relative industries in Dongguan. In 2007 the total output value of scaled electronic and the information industry (including electric-mechanical industry, hardware industry, instrument industry, etc) reached 261.08 billion yuan, accounting for 44.8% of the scaled industries in the entire city. There are over 3,300 electronic information manufacturing enterprises. Dongguan is an important international production center of computer products and accessories as well as a sales center of electronic parts. The entire computer matching rate in the city is over 95%. Dongguan manufactured 1 of every 5 computers in the world. Thus the saying: “A jam in Dongguan leads to stock-out in the World”, “Wherever you order, it’s in Dongguan they are made”, etc.

Industries are widely spread over all the 32 towns in Dongguan. Several towns such as Shilong, Chang’an, Liaobu, Changping, Shijie, Qingxi, Huangjiang, Tangxia, Humen, and others are prominent in the electronic information industries. The electronic information industry cluster in Shilong is the provincial-level industrial cluster upgrade pilot with 250 featured industry enterprises, over 50 scaled electronic information manufacturing enterprises, 53,000 practitioners, and 2 professional electronic products markets. The output value of featured industry in 2007 was 10.724 billion yuan, accounting for 81.37% of the total industrial GDP of the town. The major service platforms include electronic information industry cluster E-commerce and Guang’an Electric Test Center.

2. Textile and Garments Industry
There are nearly 10,000 garment manufacturing enterprises, over 300 large-scale wholesale market emporiums in the entire city, with the annual output value being over 30 billion yuan and the annual export value over US$2.8 billion. With more than 700,000 practitioners and over 700,000 garments machines a series of international and domestic famous fashion brands have been fostered.

Humen is the major region of garment industry in Dongguan. It has been awarded the reputation of “China Famous Lady Fashion Town” and was determined one of the second batch of industrial cluster upgrade pilots in Guangdong Province. There are over 2,000 garment production-and-processing enterprises, 1,500 of them are scaled ones. The amount of garment practitioners in the town reached over 300,000 and there are 23 huge professional garment wholesale markets. The amount of garment output reached 250 billion pieces (suits) with a sales amount of 13.5 billion yuan. It successfully held the 12th China (Humen) International Fashion Fair which has become one of the most important domestic fashion fairs.

3. Woolen Industry
Near 10,000 enterprises engage in the woollen industry in the city in Dalang Town and neighboring regions. Dalang has been awarded the reputation of “China Famous Knitting Sweater Town” and was determined one of the first batch of industrial cluster upgrade pilots in Guangdong Province. Also it is one of the three pilots in Guangdong Province to establish regional international brands. There are over 3,000 woollen enterprises and over 200 scaled wool production-and-processing enterprises. A complete industry chain of knitting sweaters, auxiliary materials, machines, washing, dyeing, printing, etc. has been formed. The annual sales amount of the industry cluster market is over 1.2 billion pieces and there are near 150,000 practitioners, and 2 professional woollen markets. The output value in 2007 reached 7.8 billion yuan accounting for 20% of the total domestic amount of the field. With over 40% of the products exported to America, Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and other international markets its market is continually being internationalized. Centered on the powerful wool industry cluster Dalang has held 6 sessions of China (Dalang) International Woollen Knit Wear Fair successfully and a lot of international and domestic merchants have been attracted enough to purchase products.

4. Furniture Industry
The total output value of scaled furniture enterprises of the city in 2007 reached 16.658 billion yuan and there were over 1,600 furniture enterprises concentrated in Dalingshan Town and Houjie Town. The number and the output value of furniture enterprises in the two towns accounts for 45% and 71% of the total of the city respectively. Specific industry cluster advantages have been formed.

In Houjie Town there is a concentration of private furniture enterprises that manufacture products for domestic sale. Wholesale, processing and exhibition of boards and plates are developed. The International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan), successfully held for 16 sessions and has become the biggest furniture fair in Asia featured with large scale, ample brands, excellent services and top trade effects. In 2007 Houjie Town was commended by the China Convention and Exhibition Society and was officially awarded the reputation of a “China Famous Exhibition Town”.

The products manufactured by furniture enterprises in Dalingshan Town are mainly for exportation. A lot of Taiwan funded furniture enterprises gathered there and more than 90% of their products are exported world wide with a total export value of over US$2.15 billion. It has ranked at the top of the furniture exporters in the country for 11 consecutive years. It has been awarded the “China Key Furniture Export Town” by the China Furniture Association. In 2006 the furniture industry cluster in Dalingshan was determined as one of the second batch of industrial cluster upgrade pilots. The whole town owns 510 furniture enterprises with an output value of over 8 billion yuan. The relatively more famous enterprise is Taisheng Furniture Group, which has an output of 200 million pieces annually and US$300 million in gross sales. With its sales ranked 2nd in the American furniture market, Taisheng is the largest scale furniture manufacturing group in the Asia-Pacific area. Besides this there gradually emerges a series of outstanding private enterprises such as Fubao (Sofa) Manufacturing Co. Ltd, Yuang Zong Furniture, Yuan Da Furniture Co. Ltd, and so on.

5. Hardware and Mould Industry
With over 2000 mould enterprises Dongguan is one of the four mould production bases in Guangdong Province. The mould products are mainly plastics with the punching mould products as the auxiliary ones. Through years of development, scaled mould enterprises have arisen in several towns and districts such as Guancheng, Chang’an, Humen, Changping, Hengli, Fenggang, Tangxia, Shijie etc.

The hardware and mould industry is mainly concentrated in Chang’an Town. Chang’an has won itself the reputation of “China Famous Town of Machines, Hardware and Moulds” and was determined as one of the second batch industrial cluster upgrade pilots. There are nearly 500 hardware and mould manufacturing enterprises of which 392 are scaled ones, over 100,000 practitioners, and 4 professional markets of machines, hardware and moulds. In 2007 the total output value of the industry reached 9.76 billion yuan. With 7 successful sessions of China (Chang’an) Mechanism, Hardware & Mould Fair, it has become one of the most important distribution centers of hardware and mould products in South China. The majority service platforms include the National Key Moulding Technology Laboratories Dongguan Experimental Center of Central China University of Science and Technology and the Mould Test Center.

6. Toy Industry
With nearly 3,000 toy enterprises and the most important toy base in the world Dongguan produces near 30% of all the toys in the world. The products manufactured are mainly electronic toys, plastic toys and stuffed toys of medium and high quality. Products of many enterprises possess high variety. The toy products are mainly for overseas sales and the export rate is above 90%. Most products are exported to countries and regions such as America, Europe, SouthEast Asia, etc. The industry features strong export-orientation and the enterprises are mainly export-oriented processing ones. If one looks at the scaled toy enterprises from the perspective of investment source it can be found that the Hong Kong funded toy enterprises that account for 80% of the entire city, are the main producers with absolute advantages in the industry. The toy industry is mainly concentrated in the following towns; Dongcheng, Humen, Chashan, Chang’an, Dalang, Qingxi, Tangxia, etc. Nearly 50% are distributed in other towns and districts.

7. Foods and Beverage Industry
The foods and beverage industry in Dongguan has formed a solid industry basis. The entire industry involves various sub-industries such as beverages, baking, candies, flavorings, food additives, oil product processing, frozen foods etc. as the main ones. With large production capacity of scaled enterprises and large number of medium and small enterprises the entire processing and manufacturing capacity of the industry is relatively strong.

The industry has gathered a lot of famous brands and scaled enterprises such as beverage enterprises Coca Cola, Nestle and Jiaduobao, beer enterprises Resources Breweries, Pearl River Beer, Kingway Beer, biscuit enterprises Huamei Foods, Garden Foods, Wing Wah Foods, dairy enterprises Yili, Mengniu, candy enterprises Hsu Fu Chi, instant noodles enterprises Hualong Riqing etc.