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Economic Index
Dongguan Municipal Government has been making great efforts to promote the process of economic-social dual-transformation and a surging economic development. Its GDP grows steadily over the years and the total output value of Dongguan in 2007 ...
Economic Structure
• Gradual optimization of industrial structure
• Developed manufacturing industries
• Steady Development of Private Economy
• Substantive Advancement of Industry Technologies
• Abundant fruits result from the strategy of famous brands encouragement
• Flourishing commodity circulation
Export-oriented Economy
In September, 1978, the first enterprise of processing, assembling and compensation trade in China, Taiping Handbag Factory, began in Dongguan. Since then, with Processing and Assembly with Supplied Materials and Parts or Compensation Trade as the starting point ...
Feature Industry
1. Electronic Information Industry
2. Textile and Garments Industry
3. Woolen Industry
4. Furniture Industry
5. Hardware and Mould Industry
6. Toy Industry
7. Foods and Beverage Industry

Exhibition Economy
Along with the industrial development and upgrade in Dongguan, the exhibition industry arose recently. In recent years, Dongguan has set its aim to build itself into “the industrial exhibition city in South China.” Relying on its location advantage of being adjacent to Guangzhou...
Dongguan has flexible and modern exhibition facilities
Dongguan has flexible and modern exhibition facilities. There are three professional modern exhibition halls (GD Modern International Exhibition Center, Dongguan International Conference and Exhibition Center and Changping Exhibition ..
The International Computer Communication & Consumer Electronic Products Exposition
International Famous Furniture Fair (Dongguan)
China (Humen) International Fashion Fair
China (Dalang) International Woolen Knit Wear Fair
China (Chang’an) International Mechanism, Hardware & Mould Fair
Industry Park Economy
The industry park economy emerges with the implementation of opening-up policy and the development of the export-oriented economy. Each industrial park is governed under uniform policies, management and normative administration organizations were set up. The ...
Songshan Lake Science & Technology Industry Park
National First Class Port – Humen Port
East Manufacturing Center – East Industrial Park