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The Destruction of Opium at Humen, a striking and touching event in history that shocked the people inside and outside of China.

“Made in Dongguan”, a new term which is popular within manufacturing circles and has become prestigious throughout the world.

This is a historical crossing point of the past, and the future, linking yesterday, today and tomorrow. This is the place where the first stage in the modern history of China started. It is an internationally recognized city for its modern manufacturing industry, and it is highly regarded as a typical and vivid representative of China’s reform and opening-up policy to the global community.

Folk songs and pop music, old ancestral temples and white wedding veils, the countryside and workshops, attics and villas……traditional and modern types, antiques and fashions, such contradictions seems to be everywhere while beauty is continuously seen.

The Opium War Museum

This city may be far away from you, or perhaps very close.

She is Dongguan,

a city with a long abundant history which fills the senses with its modern culture
a city belonging to the world while simultaneously influencing the world
a city demonstrating industrial civilization while filling your senses with countryside sceneries
a city filled with vigor helping you realize your dreams
a city with the tolerance and courage to surpass
a city which at first sight you may not like, but will ultimately come to love.

Central Square filled with Modern Flavour